Metroknack Logo, launched in December 2019, is one of the aspiring platforms on the Internet with one main objective – information sharing. And with this information sharing comes the hope of making everyone “street smart“.

MetroKnack mainly covers informative hot topics, updates, and news over the Internet. We review them to see if they can give value to our readers and give them a new perspective on things.

MetroKnack Team

Our Team

Our team is composed of people from different walks of life. Each is enthusiasts from different fields and expertise.

We aim to provide our readers with a one-stop source of information while serving a variety of topics that they might enjoy.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide a one-stop source of information for our readers. We will ensure that each article we publish is worth reading and if needed, a follow-through update will be provided.

Our Vision

The vision of is to be one of the leading sources of information over the Internet.