Can A Guy Say No To A Wedding Proposal With BMW, New House?

Guys, how would you react if your girlfriend suddenly proposed to you with a BMW and brand new house?

Can you really say “no” to such a wedding proposal in front of the crowd? Where everyone seems to wait for your answer?

Probably, 8 out of 10 will say no. And it can be attributed to the fact that men are known to be and should be doing the wedding proposals.

But not for this 24-year-old woman, Xiao Jing, from the Mainland who dared to change the way we look at the usual wedding proposal. That means defying the traditional wedding proposals.

According to the report from Sing Tao Daily, it was Xiao Jing and Xiao Ke’s first anniversary. And the girl, Xiao Jing, wanted to surprise his boyfriend by asking to meet her up to the place where it all began.

As a designer and hopeless romantic, Xiao Jing planned everything just before their anniversary. And here’s how it went.

Xiao Jing asked her boyfriend, Xiao Ke, to go and “get something” for her in the exhibition hall at the cultural exhibit in Henan.

Xiao Ke, the boyfriend, went there not realizing that there will be a big surprise for him.

Upon his arrival at the meeting place, Xiao Jing, wearing a white dress, a bouquet of flowers, the deed of the house, and holding the BMW car key, slowly approached Xiao Ke.

As soon as Xiao Jing approached Xiao Ke, he asked her boyfriend –

“…will you marry me?”

– Xiao Jing

Xiao Ke was surprised and his immediate reaction was to run towards his girlfriend and hugged her with a loud answer,

“I do!”

– Xiao Ke

It was an unforgettable moment for both of them. Xiao Jing, while in the midst of this overwhelming moment cracked a joke that he will support financially Xiao Ke.

Xiao Jing came from a well-off family. But her unconventional approach to ask for her boyfriend’s “I do” does not mean that she’s showing off what she can provide. Her intention was to make awareness that money does not mean anything to her. She can give everything she has but she’s not expecting any material things in return.

For Xiao Jing, love is what’s more important and that is the only thing that matters.

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