Child Selling Long Beans On The Street Gets Support from The Police

Camarines Sur, PhilippinesDespite of this little girl’s awareness of what the world is facing right now, COVID19 pandemic, she still tries to find ways in supporting her family. She is selling long beans (sitaw) on the street when a group of kind police caught her. However, instead of sending away this poor little girl, she now gets support from the police authorities.

According to the report, the girl was sitting alone on a sack with all of the vegetables she needs to sell – probably their family’s crops. Then a group of police authorities spotted her. This scene could have been a normal scene if we didn’t have this COVID19 problem and quarantine lockdowns all over the country.

The police decided to buy all of the little girl’s vegetable so that the girl can immediately go back home to her family.

“Kumbaga aalis na siya dun sa kalsada, para mawala ‘yung risk na para sa ibang masasamang tao o kung sino mang mag-isip ng masama,”

– Police Lt. Col. Bogard Arao

After the purchase, the police took the girl and accompanied her home through their police mobile.

But the good and kind deed didn’t stop there as these police were even planning to support the kid’s education so that she won’t have to go back to the street to sell.

Good samaritans in real life!

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