DXB Dubai Airport World’s To Deploy Sniffing Dogs To Detect COVID-19

Travelers, if your itinerary includes arriving to the airports of United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Dubai International Airport (DXB), you will undergo COVID-19 testing. But this corona virus testing is a little bit different from what you know. The examination will be done with the help of these amazing sniffing dogs to detect COVID-19.

Trained K9 sniffing dogs have been deployed across airports around the country to help early detection of COVID-19 traces before the passenger gets out the facility. And the result, amazingly, is said to be 92% accurate and you will get it within a minute.

The procedure, though, is nothing like the normal sniffing dogs you see every day in the airport. This is something different where dogs detect your luggage for illegal substances.

How Does Sniffing Dogs To Detect COVID-19 Works?

When the passenger arrives, with the help of the airport’s partners from Dubai Health Authority (DHA), a sample will be taken from them. The passenger’s sample will be taken from his own sweat – from his armpit.

An area was dedicated to detect Covid-19 using K9 police dogs at Dubai International Airport

Major Salah Al Mazrooei – Dubai Police
Testing isolated room
Photo Credits: WAM

Then, these samples will be transferred into separate containers. Then each container will be placed at the back of each sniffing funnels, in an isolated room. In that isolated room, the K9 police dog will start sniffing each one of the funnels.

If the passenger’s sample have traces of COVID-19, the K9 will stop and sit in front of that funnel. This is how the sniffing dogs helps to detect COVID-19. And as you can see it is fast!

COVID-19 Detection Through K9 – Is It Safe And Reliable?

Sniffing Dogs To Detect COVID-19
Photo Credits: WAM

Time and again, it’s been proven that dogs, especially trained K9s, are known for their extraordinary sense of smell.

And they have helped us so many times in many ways, aiding us to detect things that are almost impossible for us humans to do.

UAE Ministry of Interior have publicly claimed that their trained K9 Police dogs have successfully detected 92% cases in a trial.

Figures indicate that dogs can quickly detect infected cases, help to protect key sites, effectively deal with huge crowds and secure large events, airports, et cetera,

UAE Ministry of Interior

With the trial testing they did and back up with scientific and medical test, the UAE government believes that having sniffing dogs to detect COVID-19 traces is one of the best frontline defense against this pandemic.

For passengers that are worried that they might get infected because of this procedure. You can be assured that there will be no direct human to K9 contacts that will happen. As mentioned, a sample, sweat, will be moved into an isolated room to be tested. Having said, those who are afraid of dogs won’t have to worry as well.

Also, the method of using sniffing dogs to detect COVID-19 is only one of the few precautions of the airlines’ protocols. Passengers from selected countries will still have to undergo PCR-testing and securing a negative COVID-19 certificate is mandatory.

These layers of health security protocols can be a big help to stop the rapid growth of COVID-19 infections.

What if Those K9 Gets Infected With COVID-19?

Although, it was reported before that Buddy was the first dog tested positive with COVID-19, WHO reports that there’s no case yet that the virus can be transmitted to humans.

However, there is no evidence that these animals can transmit the disease to humans and spread COVID-19. COVID-19 is mainly spread through droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks.

WHO International

Hopefully, other airports all over the world can either make UAE’s airport as a role model or think of other ways to fight the COVID-19 virus and stop it from spreading.

Have a safe flight!

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