Gretchen Ho to Give Away Bikes To 50 Deserving Filipino People

Philippines – A former volleyball player of Ateneo Lady Eagles, field reporter, and a Sports TV personality, Gretchen Ho, will champion to give away bicycles to 50 deserving Filipinos.

This is yet one of her Woman In Action project to provide support to those who needed to traverse their way to work for the sake of their families during this difficult times.

Amidst the series of lockdowns, the country is undergoing due to COVID19 pandemic, public transport is one of the hardest services most people can avail.

And because of this transportation problem, most of the Filipino workers are unable to go and report for work because they simply do not have the means to do so. Some of them would wake up hours before the sun rises to start walking. And we are not talking about a few meters but kilometers.

Gretchen Ho - Woman In Action - Donate A Bike Save A Job
Photos: Instagram/@gretchenho

Good thing that Gretchen Ho and her team, with their big hearts, thought of helping their fellow countrymen by simply giving them the means and hope for these fortunate people to continue to work.

Gretchen, is one of the cyclist advocates who wished and imagines what if Philippines is conducive to cycling. Here’s one of her video about this thought.

BUT, the 50 bicycles will be given ONLY FOR THOSE DESERVING. How do you prove you deserve this bike? Here’s her instructions if you wish to apply:

“If you are in need of 1, you may APPLY via the LINK on my BIO. You need to JUSTIFY WHY YOU ARE DESERVING, and you need to show proof when my team contacts you. You may also nominate someone lalo na kung wala silang internet but we’ll go through the same verification process. We’ll be giving these away after MECQ.”


Gretchen shared a Google Doc form on her Instagram profile where you can fill the application. It can be yourself or you can apply for someone you know who is in need.

The bikes will be distributed after the MECQ is lifted.

Kudos and more power Gretchen Ho.

UPDATE: First Lucky Person To Get A Free Bike From Gretchen Ho’s #DonateABikeSaveAJob

A rollerblader teenager, Kean Arcilla Ramos, who went viral in social media was the first lucky person who received a free bike from Gretchen Ho’s #DonateABikeSaveAJob campaign.

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