‘Ip Man 4 The Finale’, Bruce Lee’s Story Trailer Is Out, Donnie Yen’s Last Kung Fu Movie

After more than a decade since Ip Man’s movie first release in 2008, now comes the finale. And for someone who is fond of martial arts, mixed emotions are in the air for this will be Donnie Yen’s last Kung Fu movie. Sad but a good send-off movie and for the person who portrayed the character very well.

Ip Man movie is a biographical life event of the Wing Chun master, Wong Fei-hun, from the city of Foshan. The saga started in the Sino-Japanese War ( conflict between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan) in the 1930s.

If you have watched all the Ip Man’s movie sequels, Ip Man 4 The Finale will be the last installment of this bio-movie. This movie will take us back in 1964 when Ip Man travels to San Francisco.

Ip Man, portrayed by Donnie Yen, will be Bruce Lee’s, portrayed by Danny Chan, master of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

According to Donnie Yen, Ip Man 4 will be his last Kung Fu action movie. Like any great Martial Artist/Kung Fu actors, which relies heavily on your body for the fight scenes, cracked bones are bound to happen.

I have starred in 78 movies in total. I did my best every time as I love movies … People might view actors as filled with glory, but we, especially those of us who make action and kung fu movies, have a very harsh life. Our bodies are filled with injuries and pain.

Ip Man, Donnie Yen

Ip Man 4, is expected to be the best send-off movie and Donnie Yen believes that will be.

“I love each [of my] movies, but [I feel] I have already made [all the] breakthroughs [I can] in the kung fu movie genre. For Ip Man 4 to be my swansong work, it’s a very good ending.”

Ip Man, Donnie Yen

For Donnie Yen’s fans, do not despair. The actor clarified that he is not quitting the movie industry. He clarified that we will still see and hear his name in the movie industry.

“I didn’t say I’m retiring. I still have lots of passion. For kung fu movies, I will participate as a director or producer. I hope my movies will make the audience more passionate about kung fu culture”

According to Donnie Yen

The movie was initially released in China on December 20, 2019. And according to some who have seen the movie, this last installment, aside from the Kung Fu stunts, it will be a very emotional movie.

I’ve seen the entire IP man series.

I’ve gotta say, the fourth one was an emotional ride. I cried in the theatre during the emotional scenes.

The movie is about overcoming the racial discrimination in the US when migration was the trend in the set time period. However, the movie also focuses on various other important things that take place during the crisis as well (I shall not spoil it)

As the final installation, there is nothing that I can criticise, as the movie has not underperformed in any of the department as compared to the previous three movies. The cast has performed well, and the martial arts demonstrated is fair in terms of power from both the Hero and the villain sides. Donnie Yen has performed his role marvellously and so has Scott Adkins and Danny Chan (Bruce Lee).

The movie is a great final tribute to IP man (some flashback scenes and Bruce Lee in particular)

There can be no more better ending than this. (I was wrong when it came to Toy Story ending)

Review from Sudharshan Sundar

As mentioned, although Mr. Yen confirmed that Ip Man 4 will be his last Martial Arts movie, we will still see him in theaters in the coming days.

Donnie Yen’s next two movies are set to launch early next year, 2020. The first one is an action-comedy “Enter the Fat Dragon” which will be released on the 23rd of January. And the other one is Disney’s live-action adaptation of the successful movie “Mulan”, in March 2020.

Credits: South China Morning Post via NextShark

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