Father Astonished With His Son’s Positivity Despite Of His Arm’s Deformity

We are all unique in our own ways. There’s no question about it and it is a fact. But not all of us were born without deformities or abnormalities – especially if it is a physical defect.

And if you are one of those parents who have kids with disabilities, deformities, or abnormalities – it hurts a lot. We, as parents, tend to be worried always for our kids. Knowing that not all people would understand the situation. Especially other kids may find such as abnormal and prone to bullying.

But this kid’s positivity changed and made his dad realized that there’s nothing to worry about.

A father by the name of William Foo, Malaysian, shared on Facebook a quick story of how he became proud of his kids.

One time, while they were at school, the father noticed (he’s mo anxious than his kid) that other kids were staring at his son’s short arms.

One of these kids blurted out,

“Why are your arms like this? They look like chicken arms.”

After hearing this kid asking why are his son’s arms were like “chicken arms” (a term used by netizens pertaining to small arms), William started to get very worried that his son might take it offensively and cry. But he was amazed when his son said, proud and smiling,

“My arms look like chicken feet, not chicken hands”

The father became more than proud thinking that his son is now ready to face the world. But at the same time, he is worried about her younger daughter who also has a deformity problem.

After that day, his father asked him if there are other kids making fun of them. The boy just did not deny that there other people/kids laughing at him. He also said to let them be and he is not intimidated at all. He can still do other things with his hands like eating.

According to William Foo, both of his children have physical defects which found to be hereditary. Although he’s happy with how his elder son handled the situation, he isn’t sure if this will be the same case with his daughter.

The reply was very inspiring indeed coming from an innocent child. But we cannot neglect the fact that in the real world, there will be other untoward incidents that may happen. And we all know that we, as a person, can tolerate only as much.

That is why, as a parent, we must try to motivate our kids more while they are young. Let us help them accept their situation and how to cope in the outside world.

And you as a reader, good if you understand that not all people are fortunate and you know how to respect other people’s disabilities. But try to teach your kids to do the same.


Posted by William Foo on Friday, January 3, 2020

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